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The beginning of a good story can come from anywhere, even anonymous tips. However, to provide meaningful information to journalists, you need to provide specific information, not general speculation.

Eulerpool provides news about governments, businesses, and economics all around the world.

Please follow the methods below if you would like to share specific information with Eulerpool News without revealing your identity.

The following methods should not be used to send press releases or story pitches.

Postal Mail

To send documents or digital files from a public mailbox anonymously, simply place them on a thumb drive and address the envelope to "TIPS" or a specific employee, without including a return address.

Jakob Management CH GmbH
Eulerpool Research Systems
Bajuwarenstraße 2e
93053 Regensburg


There is always the option of emailing us, but to enhance security and confidentiality, this may not be the most suitable method.

Privacy Information

We do not ask for any personally identifying information, when you submit any kind of information to us.

Please be aware that when you submit certain file types, you may also be sending along metadata related to the file.

As an illustration, a photo submitted in JPEG format may contain details such as the date and time the photo was taken, its GPS location, and the device used. Similarly, a Word file (.doc or .docx) submitted could have information such as the authors identity, operating system, GPS location, and the date and time the document was created.

At Eulerpool, we have a policy of removing metadata from files before publication. If you prefer not to send metadata, you can use the Metadata Anonymization Toolkit to remove it from the file before submission.

It is important to note that absolute security cannot be guaranteed with any system. Like all software, anything may have vulnerabilities. Please be aware that using the chosen service is at your own risk.