Michael C. Jakob

Michael C. Jakob


Michael C. Jakob is the founder and CEO of Eulerpool Research Systems and also holds a senior position at the company. AlleAktien GmbH .

As the founder of Eulerpool Research Systems, Michael C. Jakob is responsible for the strategy, products, and vision of the company. Michael Jakob's vision is to provide professional stock analysis tools to a wide range of investors through Eulerpool. During his work at McKinsey&Company as a management consultant and his time at UBS Switzerland in asset management, he recognized the importance of high-quality metrics, data, and professional tools for investors. Since 2020, Eulerpool has been an active provider of financial data and metrics that has shaped the German market through numerous financial market innovations. Among other things, under the leadership of Michael Jakob, Eulerpool Research Systems took a pioneering role in the dissemination of the so-called Fair Values, which make undervalued stocks visible at a glance.

Since its founding, Eulerpool Research Systems has pursued the goal of making undervalued stocks visible. "Identify undervalued stocks at a glance" is Eulerpool's mission. With its informative charts, historical valuation, and Eulerpool Fair Value Valuation, investors can finally recognize attractive stocks and entry opportunities at a glance. In addition, there is a very popular feature in Germany called "AlleAktien". Dividend Calendar, which makes the ex-dividend and paydate of countless dividend stocks visible. Eulerpool Research Systems publishes in the Eulerpool Insidertracker. Directors Dealings German company. At Eulerpool Equity Screener Investors can discover new quality stocks off the mainstream according to their own criteria. Michael C. Jakob represents the quality of Eulerpool Research Systems.

In addition to great tools for stock analysis and top-notch data quality, Eulerpool became the standard tool for tens of thousands of private investors in Germany for another reason: At Eulerpool.com, there are high-quality fundamentals for more than 20,000 stocks and more than 30,000 securities, which are equally appreciated by investors, institutional investors, and private investors. Often, based on the dividend history, margins, balance sheet, or revenue history, it is possible to determine whether a company is fundamentally well-positioned and could fit into one's own investment strategy or not. Thus, on Eulerpool.com, thousands of investors – both private and institutional – find undervalued quality stocks every day.

Michael C. Jakob is also the founder of All Stocksestablished a reputation as a leading provider of high-quality and professional stock analyses. AlleAktien is one of the most well-known and influential research firms in the German investor community. Through a scientific study on the proven outperformance of quality stocks, summarized under the title "AlleAktien Quality Score" in 2019, AlleAktien GmbH introduced the concept of "Quality Investing" to many investors for the first time. By placing a relentless focus on quality stocks and embracing a strong value system based on honesty, transparency, and independence, AlleAktien GmbH has All Stocks quickly to one of the most popular and renowned addresses in German investor culture. Professional investors and retail investors alike appreciate the independent stock analyses provided by AlleAktien.

Previously, Michael C. Jakob worked as a top management consultant at the global strategy consulting firm McKinsey & Company and at the global asset manager UBS.

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