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3M Revenue, EBIT, Net Income

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Net Income

Revenue, EBIT and Profit

Understanding Revenue, EBIT, and Income

Gain insights into 3M, a comprehensive overview of its financial performance can be obtained by analyzing the Revenue, EBIT, and Income chart. Revenue represents the total income generated by 3M from its primary operations, showcasing the company’s ability to attract and retain clients. EBIT, or Earnings Before Interest and Taxes, indicates the company’s operational profitability, free from the influence of tax and interest expenses. The Income section reflects 3M’s net earnings, an ultimate measure of its financial health and profitability.

Yearly Analysis and Comparisons

Observe the yearly bars to understand the annual performance and growth of 3M. Compare the Revenue, EBIT, and Income to evaluate the company’s efficiency and profitability. A higher EBIT compared to the previous year suggests an improvement in operational efficiency. Likewise, an increase in Income indicates enhanced overall profitability. Analyzing the year-to-year comparison assists investors in understanding the company’s growth trajectory and operational efficiency.

Utilizing Expectations for Investment

The expected values for the forthcoming years offer investors a glimpse into 3M’s anticipated financial performance. Analyzing these projections alongside historical data aids in making informed investment decisions. Investors can gauge the potential risks and returns, aligning their investment strategies accordingly to optimize profitability and mitigate risks.

Investment Insights

Leveraging the comparison between Revenue and EBIT helps in assessing 3M’s operational efficiency, while the Revenue and Income comparison reveals the net profitability after accounting for all expenses. Investors can derive valuable insights by meticulously analyzing these financial parameters, laying the foundation for strategic investment decisions aimed at capitalizing on 3M’s growth potential.

3M Revenue, EBIT and net profit per share

Date3M Revenue3M EBIT3M Net Income
2028e28.61 B undefined6.52 B undefined5.59 B undefined
2027e27.62 B undefined6.22 B undefined5.25 B undefined
2026e25.19 B undefined5.8 B undefined4.65 B undefined
2025e24.57 B undefined5.51 B undefined4.36 B undefined
2024e23.8 B undefined5.07 B undefined3.99 B undefined
202332.68 B undefined5.77 B undefined-7 B undefined
202234.23 B undefined4.15 B undefined5.78 B undefined
202135.36 B undefined7.49 B undefined5.92 B undefined
202032.18 B undefined6.97 B undefined5.45 B undefined
201932.14 B undefined6.31 B undefined4.52 B undefined
201832.77 B undefined6.8 B undefined5.35 B undefined
201731.66 B undefined7.2 B undefined4.86 B undefined
201630.11 B undefined6.92 B undefined5.05 B undefined
201530.27 B undefined7.06 B undefined4.83 B undefined
201431.82 B undefined7.15 B undefined4.96 B undefined
201330.87 B undefined6.69 B undefined4.66 B undefined
201229.9 B undefined6.48 B undefined4.44 B undefined
201129.61 B undefined6.18 B undefined4.28 B undefined
201026.66 B undefined5.92 B undefined4.09 B undefined
200923.12 B undefined4.91 B undefined3.19 B undefined
200825.27 B undefined5.39 B undefined3.46 B undefined
200724.46 B undefined5.34 B undefined4.1 B undefined
200622.92 B undefined4.62 B undefined3.85 B undefined
200521.17 B undefined4.85 B undefined3.11 B undefined
200420.01 B undefined4.33 B undefined2.84 B undefined

3M Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement

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  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cashflow



Revenue and Growth

The 3M Revenue and Revenue Growth are pivotal to understanding the company's financial health and operational efficiency. A consistent increase in revenue indicates a company’s ability to effectively market and sell its products or services, while the revenue growth percentage offers insights into the pace at which the company is expanding over the years.

Gross Margin

The Gross Margin is a crucial metric that showcases the percentage of revenue exceeding the cost of goods sold (COGS). A higher gross margin is indicative of a company’s efficiency in controlling its production costs, thereby promising potential profitability and financial stability.

EBIT and EBIT Margin

EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) and EBIT Margin offer deep insights into a company’s profitability, excluding the impacts of interest and taxes. Investors often assess these metrics to gauge the operational efficiency and inherent profitability of a business, separate from its financial structure and tax environment.

Income and Growth

Net Income and its subsequent growth are quintessential for investors looking to understand a company’s profitability. Consistent income growth underscores a company’s ability to enhance its profitability over time, reflecting operational efficiency, strategic competitiveness, and financial health.

Shares Outstanding

Shares outstanding refer to the total number of shares a company has issued. It's instrumental in calculating key metrics like Earnings Per Share (EPS) which is pivotal for investors to evaluate a company’s profitability on a per-share basis, offering a more granular view of financial health and valuation.

Interpreting Year to Year Comparison

Comparing yearly data allows investors to identify trends, assess the company’s growth, and anticipate potential future performance. Analyzing how metrics like revenue, income, and margins change year over year can provide valuable insights into the company’s operational efficiency, competitiveness, and overall financial health.

Expectations and Predictions

Investors often juxtapose the current and past financial data with the market’s expectations. This comparison aids in assessing whether the 3M is performing as anticipated, underperforming or outperforming the market predictions, providing pivotal data for investment decisions.


Balance Sheet

Understanding the Balance Sheet

The balance sheet of 3M provides a detailed financial snapshot, revealing the company's assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point in time. Analyzing these components is crucial for investors looking to understand 3M's financial health and stability.


3M's assets represent everything the company owns or controls that has monetary value. These are categorized into current and non-current assets, offering insights into the company's liquidity and long-term investments.


Liabilities are obligations that 3M must settle in the future. Analyzing the ratio of liabilities to assets provides insights into the company's financial leverage and risk exposure.


Equity refers to the residual interest in the assets of 3M after deducting liabilities. It represents the owners’ claim on the company’s assets and earnings.

Year-to-Year Analysis

Comparing balance sheet figures year-to-year allows investors to identify trends, growth patterns, and potential financial risks, facilitating informed investment decisions.

Interpreting the Data

Detailed analysis of assets, liabilities, and equity can provide investors with comprehensive insights into 3M's financial standing, aiding in investment evaluations and risk assessments.


3M stock margins

The 3M margin analysis displays the gross margin, EBIT margin, as well as the profit margin of 3M. The EBIT margin (EBIT/sales) indicates the percentage of sales that remains as operating profit. The profit margin shows the percentage of sales that remains for 3M.
  • 3 years

  • 5 years

  • 10 years

  • 25 Years

  • Max

Gross margin
EBIT margin
Profit margin


Understanding Gross Margin

The gross margin, expressed as a percentage, delineates the gross profit made from the 3M's sales revenue. A higher gross margin percentage indicates that the 3M retains more revenue after accounting for the costs of goods sold. Investors use this metric to gauge financial health and operational efficiency, as well as to compare it with competitors and industry averages.

EBIT Margin Analysis

EBIT margin represents the 3M's earnings before interest and taxes. Analyzing the EBIT margin over different years provides insights into the operational profitability and efficiency, excluding the effects of financial leverage and tax structure. A growing EBIT margin over the years signifies improving operational performance.

Revenue Margin Insights

The revenue margin demonstrates the 3M's total revenue generated. When comparing the revenue margin year over year, investors can gauge the 3M's growth and market expansion. It is essential to compare the revenue margin with the gross and EBIT margins to understand the cost and profit structures better.

Interpreting Expectations

The expected values for gross, EBIT, and revenue margins provide future financial outlook of the 3M. Investors should compare these expectations with historical data to understand potential growth and risk factors. It is crucial to consider the underlying assumptions and methodologies used in projecting these expected values to make informed investment decisions.

Comparative Analysis

Comparing the gross, EBIT, and revenue margins, both yearly and over multiple years, enables investors to perform a comprehensive analysis of the 3M's financial health and growth prospects. Evaluating the trends and patterns in these margins helps in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and potential investment opportunities.

3M Margin History

3M Gross margin3M Profit margin3M EBIT margin3M Profit margin
2028e43.77 %22.77 %19.54 %
2027e43.77 %22.53 %19 %
2026e43.77 %23.02 %18.45 %
2025e43.77 %22.43 %17.75 %
2024e43.77 %21.32 %16.77 %
202343.77 %17.66 %-21.4 %
202243.82 %12.11 %16.88 %
202146.89 %21.19 %16.75 %
202048.6 %21.65 %16.93 %
201946.9 %19.62 %14.06 %
201849.16 %20.74 %16.33 %
201749.53 %22.74 %15.35 %
201649.8 %22.98 %16.77 %
201549.33 %23.33 %15.96 %
201448.35 %22.45 %15.57 %
201347.89 %21.65 %15.09 %
201247.55 %21.68 %14.86 %
201147 %20.86 %14.46 %
201048.12 %22.2 %15.32 %
200947.63 %21.25 %13.81 %
200847.05 %21.31 %13.69 %
200747.94 %21.85 %16.74 %
200648.9 %20.16 %16.8 %
200550.83 %22.93 %14.7 %
200450.02 %21.62 %14.2 %

3M Stock Sales Revenue, EBIT, Earnings per Share

The 3M earnings per share therefore indicates how much revenue 3M has generated per share in a given period. The earnings before interest and taxes per share shows how much of the operating profit corresponds to each share. The earnings per share indicates how much of the profit belongs to each share.
  • 3 years

  • 5 years

  • 10 years

  • 25 Years

  • Max

Sales per Share
EBIT per share
Earnings per Share

Revenue, EBIT and Earnings per share

Revenue Per Share

Revenue per share represents the total revenue 3M earns, divided by the number of outstanding shares. It is a crucial metric as it reflects the company's ability to generate sales and signifies growth and expansion potential. Comparing yearly revenue per share allows investors to analyze the consistency in a company’s earnings and predict future trends.

EBIT Per Share

EBIT per share indicates 3M's earning before interest and taxes, offering insights into operational profitability excluding the effects of capital structure and tax rates. It can be juxtaposed against revenue per share to gauge the efficiency in converting sales into profits. A consistent increase in EBIT per share over the years underscores operational efficiency and profitability.

Income Per Share

Income per share, or earnings per share (EPS), reveals the portion of 3M’s profit allocated to each share of common stock. It’s instrumental in evaluating the profitability and financial health. By comparing it with revenue and EBIT per share, investors discern how effectively a firm translates sales and operational profits into net income.

Expected Values

Expected values are projections of revenue, EBIT, and income per share for forthcoming years. These anticipations, rooted in historical data and market analysis, aid investors in strategizing their investments, evaluating 3M's prospective performance, and estimating future stock prices. However, it’s pivotal to consider market volatilities and uncertainties that can influence these projections.

3M Revenue, EBIT and net profit per share

Date3M Sales per Share3M EBIT per share3M Earnings per Share
2028e51.7 undefined0 undefined10.1 undefined
2027e49.9 undefined0 undefined9.48 undefined
2026e45.52 undefined0 undefined8.4 undefined
2025e44.41 undefined0 undefined7.88 undefined
2024e43 undefined0 undefined7.21 undefined
202359 undefined10.42 undefined-12.63 undefined
202260.26 undefined7.3 undefined10.17 undefined
202160.44 undefined12.81 undefined10.12 undefined
202055.3 undefined11.97 undefined9.36 undefined
201954.93 undefined10.78 undefined7.72 undefined
201854.43 undefined11.29 undefined8.89 undefined
201751.64 undefined11.74 undefined7.92 undefined
201648.64 undefined11.18 undefined8.16 undefined
201547.53 undefined11.09 undefined7.59 undefined
201448.07 undefined10.79 undefined7.49 undefined
201344.48 undefined9.63 undefined6.71 undefined
201242.54 undefined9.22 undefined6.32 undefined
201141.18 undefined8.59 undefined5.96 undefined
201036.72 undefined8.15 undefined5.63 undefined
200932.71 undefined6.95 undefined4.52 undefined
200835.74 undefined7.62 undefined4.89 undefined
200733.42 undefined7.3 undefined5.6 undefined
200630.12 undefined6.07 undefined5.06 undefined
200527.1 undefined6.22 undefined3.98 undefined
200425.11 undefined5.43 undefined3.56 undefined

3M business model

The 3M Co, also known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, was founded in 1902 and is headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota. The company is a multinational conglomerate with a wide range of products and divisions. 3M is recognized as an innovation leader and offers a variety of solutions in the healthcare, transportation, safety, electronics, and communications sectors. 3M Co's business model is based on research and development to create new products and technologies. They also have a strategy of collaborating with customers and partners to improve their products and services. Their focus is on developing products that enhance daily life. The various divisions of 3M Co include healthcare, electronics, safety, packaging, construction, automotive, and utilities. Each of these divisions has its own specific products and solutions. For example, the healthcare division offers innovative medical devices, surgical instruments, drug delivery systems, electronic medical record systems, and other products. The electronics division provides solutions for mobile devices, computers, and televisions, while the safety division offers protective clothing, safety signs, and surveillance software, among others. Among the numerous products manufactured by 3M Co, some of the most well-known brands include Post-it, Scotch Tape, Nexcare, and Command. Post-it is a sticky note that is globally recognized for its unique adhesion and reusability. Scotch Tape is a widely used brand of adhesive tape, while Nexcare is a brand for medical consumables. Command is a brand for fastening products such as hooks and hangers. 3M Co is also known for its groundbreaking research and development. For example, in the 1960s, the company developed the first artificial knee joint, which served as a precursor for modern artificial joints. Another groundbreaking invention by 3M is the invention of the Post-it sticky note pad, which later became one of the most popular office products worldwide. Overall, 3M Co is a leading innovator in the manufacturing of products and solutions across a variety of sectors and is a key player in the economy. 3M is one of the most popular companies on Eulerpool.com.

3M SWOT Analysis


3M Co is a globally recognized company with a strong brand reputation.

The company has a diverse product portfolio, spanning multiple industries and sectors.

3M Co has a long history of innovation and technological expertise.

The company benefits from a global presence, with operations in numerous countries.


The vast product portfolio of 3M Co may lead to challenges in managing and allocating resources effectively.

Heavy reliance on certain industries or sectors may make the company vulnerable to economic fluctuations.

3M Co may face difficulties in adaptability and agility due to its large size and organizational structure.


Growing demand for sustainable products and solutions presents an opportunity for 3M Co to develop and market innovative eco-friendly solutions.

Expanding presence in emerging markets, such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America, offers potential for increased sales and revenue.

Strategic partnerships and collaborations with other companies can help 3M Co access new technologies and markets.


Intense competition in various industries can put pressure on 3M Co's market share and profitability.

Economic downturns or recessions may impact consumer spending and reduce demand for 3M Co's products.

Rapid technological advancements could render certain products or technologies obsolete, requiring continuous innovation and adaptation.

3M historical P/E ratio, EBIT, and P/S ratio.

3M shares outstanding

The number of shares was 3M in 2023 — This indicates how many shares 553.9 M is divided into. Since shareholders are the owners of a company, each share represents a small portion of the company's ownership.
  • 3 years

  • 5 years

  • 10 years

  • 25 Years

  • Max

Number of stocks

Revenue, EBIT and Earnings per share

Revenue Per Share

Revenue per share represents the total revenue 3M earns, divided by the number of outstanding shares. It is a crucial metric as it reflects the company's ability to generate sales and signifies growth and expansion potential. Comparing yearly revenue per share allows investors to analyze the consistency in a company’s earnings and predict future trends.

EBIT Per Share

EBIT per share indicates 3M's earning before interest and taxes, offering insights into operational profitability excluding the effects of capital structure and tax rates. It can be juxtaposed against revenue per share to gauge the efficiency in converting sales into profits. A consistent increase in EBIT per share over the years underscores operational efficiency and profitability.

Income Per Share

Income per share, or earnings per share (EPS), reveals the portion of 3M’s profit allocated to each share of common stock. It’s instrumental in evaluating the profitability and financial health. By comparing it with revenue and EBIT per share, investors discern how effectively a firm translates sales and operational profits into net income.

Expected Values

Expected values are projections of revenue, EBIT, and income per share for forthcoming years. These anticipations, rooted in historical data and market analysis, aid investors in strategizing their investments, evaluating 3M's prospective performance, and estimating future stock prices. However, it’s pivotal to consider market volatilities and uncertainties that can influence these projections.

3M Stock splits

In 3M's history, there have been no stock splits.

3M dividend history and estimates

In 2023, 3M paid a dividend amounting to 6 USD. Dividend means that 3M distributes a portion of its profits to its owners.
  • 3 years

  • 5 years

  • 10 years

  • 25 Years

  • Max

Dividend (Estimate)


Dividend Overview

The dividend per year chart for 3M provides a comprehensive view of the annual dividends distributed to shareholders. Analyze the trend to understand the consistency and growth in dividend payouts over the years.

Interpretation and Use

A consistent or increasing trend in dividends can indicate the company's profitability and financial health. Investors can use this data to identify 3M’s potential for long-term investment and income generation through dividends.

Investment Strategy

Incorporate the dividend data in evaluating 3M's overall performance. A thorough analysis, considering other financial aspects, will help in making informed investment decisions for optimal capital growth and income generation.

3M Dividend History

Date3M Dividend
2028e6.96 undefined
2027e6.96 undefined
2026e6.96 undefined
2025e6.96 undefined
2024e6.97 undefined
20236 undefined
20225.96 undefined
20215.92 undefined
20205.88 undefined
20195.76 undefined
20185.44 undefined
20174.7 undefined
20164.44 undefined
20154.1 undefined
20143.42 undefined
20132.54 undefined
20122.36 undefined
20112.2 undefined
20102.1 undefined
20092.04 undefined
20082 undefined
20071.92 undefined
20061.84 undefined
20051.68 undefined
20041.44 undefined

3M dividend payout ratio

In 2023, 3M had a payout ratio of 59.95%. The payout ratio indicates the percentage of the company's profits that 3M distributes as dividends.
  • 3 years

  • 5 years

  • 10 years

  • 25 Years

  • Max

Payout ratio

Payout ratio

What is Yearly Payout Ratio?

The yearly payout ratio for 3M represents the proportion of earnings paid out as dividends to shareholders. It is an indicator of the company's financial health and stability, illustrating how much profit is being returned to investors versus being reinvested back into the company.

How to Interpret the Data

A lower payout ratio for 3M could mean that the company is reinvesting more into its growth, whereas a higher ratio indicates more earnings are being distributed as dividends. Investors seeking regular income might prefer companies with a higher payout ratio, while those looking for growth may opt for companies with a lower ratio.

Using the Data for Investments

Evaluate 3M's payout ratio in conjunction with other financial metrics and performance indicators. A sustainable payout ratio, coupled with strong financial health, can indicate a reliable dividend payout. However, a very high ratio might suggest the company is not sufficiently reinvesting in its future growth.

3M Payout Ratio History

Date3M Payout ratio
2028e59.24 %
2027e59.18 %
2026e59.37 %
2025e59.17 %
2024e59 %
202359.95 %
202258.55 %
202158.5 %
202062.82 %
201974.61 %
201861.26 %
201759.34 %
201654.41 %
201554.09 %
201445.66 %
201337.8 %
201237.34 %
201136.91 %
201037.3 %
200945.13 %
200840.9 %
200734.29 %
200636.36 %
200542.21 %
200440.45 %
Unfortunately, there are currently no price targets and forecasts available for 3M.

3M latest earnings and earnings surprises

DateEPS EstimateEPS ActualQuarterly report
3/31/20242.12 2.39  (12.75 %)2024 Q1
12/31/20232.33 2.42  (3.73 %)2023 Q4
9/30/20232.37 2.68  (13.27 %)2023 Q3
6/30/20231.74 2.17  (24.95 %)2023 Q2
3/31/20231.6 1.97  (23.14 %)2023 Q1
12/31/20222.39 2.28  (-4.47 %)2022 Q4
9/30/20222.63 2.69  (2.41 %)2022 Q3
6/30/20222.44 2.48  (1.62 %)2022 Q2
3/31/20222.33 2.65  (13.57 %)2022 Q1
12/31/20212.03 2.31  (13.71 %)2021 Q4

Eulerpool ESG Scorecard© for the 3M stock

Eulerpool World ESG Rating (EESG©)

86/ 100

🌱 Environment


👫 Social


🏛️ Governance



Scope 1 - Direct Emissions
Scope 2 - Indirect emissions from purchased energy
Scope 3 - Indirect emissions within the value chain
Total CO₂ emissions
CO₂ reduction strategy
Coal energy
Nuclear power
Animal experiments
Fur & Leather
Palm Oil
Genetically modified organisms
Climate concept
Sustainable forestry
Recycling regulations
Environmentally friendly packaging
Hazardous substances
Fuel consumption and efficiency
Water consumption and efficiency


Percentage of female employees37
Percentage of women in management
Percentage of Asian employees
Share of Asian management
Percentage of Hispanic/Latino employees
Hispano/Latino Management share
Percentage of Black employees
Black Management Share
Percentage of white employees
White Management Share
Adult content
Military contracts
Human rights concept
Privacy concept
Occupational health and safety

Governance (Corporate Governance)

Environmental reporting
Stakeholder Engagement
Call Back Policies
Antitrust law

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3M list of shareholders

8.83 % The Vanguard Group, Inc.48,856,58446,18712/31/2023
6.47 % State Street Global Advisors (US)35,820,369609,25012/31/2023
4.99 % BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.27,626,5811,500,94712/31/2023
2.18 % Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.12,080,57843,73212/31/2023
1.96 % Geode Capital Management, L.L.C.10,822,532234,11012/31/2023
1.52 % State Farm Insurance Companies8,415,741-533,88012/31/2023
1.46 % Newport Trust Company8,081,306-207,69412/31/2023
1.03 % Flossbach von Storch AG5,683,781-589,71012/31/2023
0.96 % Legal & General Investment Management Ltd.5,297,614916,08612/31/2023
0.83 % Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM)4,597,3741,512,19912/31/2023

3M Executives and Management Board

Mr. Michael Roman63
3M Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer (since 2013)
Compensation 14.03 M
Mr. Monish Patolawala54
3M President, Chief Financial Officer
Compensation 7.68 M
Dr. Ashish Khandpur
3M Group President, Transportation and Electronics
Compensation 5.89 M
Mr. Eric Hammes48
3M Executive Vice President, Chief Country Governance and Services Officer
Compensation 5.2 M
Mr. Peter Gibbons61
3M Group President, Enterprise Operations
Compensation 4.35 M

3M Supply Chain

NameRelationshipTwo-week correlationOne-month correlationThree-Month CorrelationSix-Month CorrelationOne Year CorrelationTwo-Year Correlation
transcosmos inc. Stock
transcosmos inc.
Berkshire Hathaway B Stock
Berkshire Hathaway B

Most common questions regarding 3M

What values and corporate philosophy does 3M represent?

3M Co represents a corporate philosophy centered on innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. As a global science company, 3M is committed to delivering practical solutions that enhance lives and solve complex challenges. With a focus on continuous improvement, they strive to provide innovative products and technologies across various industries. 3M Co values integrity, diversity, and inclusion, fostering an environment that encourages curiosity and creativity. Their dedication to sustainability is reflected in their efforts to reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Through their commitment to these values, 3M Co drives growth and creates lasting positive impact worldwide.

In which countries and regions is 3M primarily present?

3M Co is primarily present in countries and regions across the globe. With its headquarters in the United States, the company has a strong presence in North America, including the United States and Canada. Additionally, 3M Co has considerable operations in Europe, including countries like Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. In the Asia-Pacific region, the company has established a significant presence in countries like China, Japan, and India. Furthermore, 3M Co has a prominent presence in Latin America, with notable operations in Brazil and Mexico. Overall, 3M Co has a widespread global presence, serving customers and operating in various countries and regions.

What significant milestones has the company 3M achieved?

3M Co, a renowned multinational conglomerate, has achieved numerous significant milestones throughout its illustrious history. From its inception in 1902, the company has continually innovated and made groundbreaking advancements. Notable milestones include the invention of waterproof sandpaper, which revolutionized the automotive industry, the creation of the first commercially viable masking tape and cellophane tape, and the development of the iconic Post-it Notes. 3M Co has also played a pivotal role in the aerospace industry, contributing to the Apollo space program and manufacturing critical components for aircraft. With a rich legacy of innovation and a commitment to excellence, 3M Co has solidified its position as an industry leader.

What is the history and background of the company 3M?

3M Co, also known as Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co, is a multinational conglomerate corporation founded in 1902. Originally a mining venture, 3M has evolved into a diverse innovative powerhouse. The company operates in sectors like industrial, healthcare, safety, electronics, and more, and is renowned for its diversified range of products. 3M's rich history reflects its commitment to innovation, with iconic inventions such as Scotch Tape, Post-it Notes, and computer screen filters. With over a century of existence, 3M Co has proven its ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape, making it a prominent player in various industries worldwide.

Who are the main competitors of 3M in the market?

Some of the main competitors of 3M Co in the market include General Electric Co, Honeywell International Inc, and DuPont de Nemours Inc.

In which industries is 3M primarily active?

3M Co is primarily active in various industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, electronics, and transportation.

What is the business model of 3M?

The business model of 3M Co, also known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, focuses on innovation. 3M operates in various industries, offering a diverse range of products including adhesives, abrasives, films, chemicals, and health care solutions. With their unique ability to blend multiple technologies, the company aims to create products that enhance people's lives. 3M Co's business model revolves around their commitment to research and development, allowing them to constantly innovate and provide solutions that address customer needs. This customer-centric approach has helped establish 3M Co as a leading global company, known for its exceptional product quality and continuous drive for innovation.

What is the P/E ratio of 3M 2024?

The 3M P/E ratio is 14.52.

What is the P/S ratio of 3M 2024?

The 3M P/S ratio is 2.44.

What is the AlleAktien quality score of 3M?

The AlleAktien quality score for 3M is 4/10.

What is the revenue of 3M 2024?

The expected 3M revenue is 23.8 B USD.

How high is the profit of 3M 2024?

The expected 3M profit is 3.99 B USD.

What is the business model of 3M

The 3M Company is a leading global manufacturer of innovative products for various markets, including healthcare, transportation, electronics, energy, security, and office supplies. The company is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA and employs over 90,000 people worldwide. 3M is based on three core business areas: Industrial, Safety and Graphics Products, Health Care Products, and Electronics and Energy Solutions. The industrial sector includes adhesives, sealing and insulation materials, personal protective equipment, labeling systems, abrasives, and polishing products for automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics, construction, energy, retail, and other markets. The Health Care Division manufactures medical devices and solutions for clinical treatment, infection control, wound care, dental products, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The company's products are used by doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists for safe and effective patient care. Under the Scotch brand, the company also produces tapes, adhesives, and textile adhesives for DIY projects and other household applications. The Post-it brand is known for its adhesive note pads used in offices and schools worldwide. In the Electronics and Energy Solutions division, 3M produces components for electronics and telecommunications products, display and lighting systems, wireless communication, and energy efficiency solutions. The company is also a leader in the production of photovoltaic materials and components for solar energy generation. Since its founding in 1902, 3M has focused on innovation and sustainable growth. The company operates research and development programs to continuously improve its products and processes and develop new technologies and products. 3M holds over 100,000 patents and has a wide portfolio of trademark rights and protections. The company also has a strong presence in the global market. Over 60% of its revenue comes from international markets, with customers in over 200 countries and regions. 3M has manufacturing facilities in 70 countries, sales offices in 200 cities, and utilizes comprehensive distribution networks to market its products and services. Overall, 3M's business model is very diversified and encompasses a variety of products for a range of markets. The company has a strong culture of innovation and is a leader in the development of new technologies and products. With a broad portfolio of intellectual property and a global presence, 3M has a strong competitive position and a solid foundation for future growth and success.

What is the 3M dividend?

3M pays a dividend of 5.96 USD distributed over 4 payouts per year.

How often does 3M pay dividends?

3M pays out a dividend 4 times a year.

What is the 3M ISIN?

The ISIN of 3M is US88579Y1010.

What is the 3M WKN?

The WKN of 3M is 851745.

What is the 3M ticker?

The ticker of 3M is MMM.

How much dividend does 3M pay?

Over the past 12 months, 3M paid a dividend of 6 USD . This corresponds to a dividend yield of about 5.73 %. For the coming 12 months, 3M is expected to pay a dividend of 6.96 USD.

What is the dividend yield of 3M?

The current dividend yield of 3M is 5.73 %.

When does 3M pay dividends?

3M pays a quarterly dividend. This is distributed in the months of September, December, March, June.

How secure is the dividend of 3M?

3M paid dividends every year for the past 109 years.

What is the dividend of 3M?

For the upcoming 12 months, dividends amounting to 6.96 USD are expected. This corresponds to a dividend yield of 6.65 %.

In which sector is 3M located?

3M is assigned to the 'Industry' sector.

Wann musste ich die Aktien von 3M kaufen, um die vorherige Dividende zu erhalten?

To receive the latest dividend of 3M from 6/12/2024 amounting to 0.7 USD, you needed to have the stock in your portfolio before the ex-date on 5/23/2024.

When did 3M pay the last dividend?

The last dividend was paid out on 6/12/2024.

What was the dividend of 3M in the year 2023?

In the year 2023, 3M distributed 5.96 USD as dividends.

In which currency does 3M pay out the dividend?

The dividends of 3M are distributed in USD.

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