Equity Screener (EQS)

Eulerpool's Equity Screening (EQS) is poised to revolutionize the industry: Professional screening of 20,000+ stocks worldwide and over 1,000,000 financial indicators. Utilize advanced screening to systematically identify overlooked investment opportunities in stocks and develop targeted investment strategies.

Equity Screener (EQS)

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A stock screener (also known as a stock screener) is a software tool that helps investors find the best stocks. Whether it's about finding undervalued stocks, growth stocks, or dividend stocks, without the support of software, it would be a difficult task for every investor due to the multitude of stocks worldwide. In the US alone, there are more than 5,000 publicly traded companies.

We do not want to claim that it is impossible to find the best stocks without a stock screener. However, in any case, it would be a more time-consuming but also less structured approach.

With a stock screener, you can automatically search through a variety of stocks based on criteria you have chosen, such as P/E ratio, P/S ratio, or dividend yield. This way, you don't have to manually review thousands of stocks yourself, but let the software do it in just a few seconds. This way, you are likely to find quality companies that you may not have otherwise discovered.

But a good stock screener goes beyond just searching for stocks. Once you have found the right stock, a good stock screener provides you with a variety of additional information, ratings, and analyses on the respective company, allowing you to make the most informed investment decision possible.

We at Eulerpool offer a stock screener that includes all the mentioned advantages. Due to the comprehensiveness of the tool, we would like to explain in detail what our stock screener is capable of.

Trading stocks is a complex and sometimes confusing activity. Many investors are unsure which stocks they should buy. A free stock screener can help them find the best stocks for their portfolio.

A free stock screener is an online tool that helps investors find the best stocks for their portfolio. With a free stock screener, investors can analyze the stock markets, evaluate companies and industries, and find the best stocks for their investment goals. A free stock screener can take on many of the difficult tasks involved in searching for the best stocks.

A free stock screener offers a range of useful features to help investors make the best possible decision. For example, investors can use the analysis and valuation functions of the tool to assess the return of a company or industry. Investors can also utilize technical analysis of the stock markets to find the best entry points. Additionally, with a free stock screener, investors can track current market news and stock prices.

Trading stocks can be a lucrative opportunity for investors to earn money. However, it is also a challenge to find the best stocks for one's own portfolio. A free stock screener can help investors find the best stocks for their investment goals. The stock screener can also assist investors in developing the right investment strategy.

A free stock screener is a very useful resource for investors who take stock trading seriously. A free stock screener can help investors find the right stocks that offer them the best possible return. It can also help investors follow the right investment strategy. With a free stock screener, investors can also stay updated on what's happening in the stock markets and prepare for potential investment opportunities.

The Eulerpool Equity Screener is divided into the following three sections:
  • Equity Screener Universe (Region and/or Country)
  • Criteria (e.g. P/E ratio, market capitalization)
  • Results

With the help of the filters in the Stocks Finder Universe and Criteria sections, you will obtain the desired results.

Here, the filters from the areas of stock screener Universe and Criteria can be used together, but they don't have to be. Specifically, this means that on the one hand, for example, you can search for stocks from Singapore independent of criteria such as P/E ratio and market capitalization. On the other hand, you can search globally for companies with specific criteria such as P/E ratio less than or equal to 10 or dividend yield over 5%. By the way: In addition to stocks from Singapore, Eulerpool offers a variety of other articles, including stocks from the USA and stocks from Germany.

There are no limits to your creativity in finding stocks with Eulerpool's stock screener.

Let's now delve into the individual areas. Because there is a lot to discover here.

Investment universe

As mentioned earlier, you can filter the Stockscreener universe by regions and/or countries. By clicking on the region or country, you can make a selection. A click again removes the selection. Multiple selections are, of course, possible.

The following six regions are available for selection:
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia - Pacific
  • Africa
  • Central and South America
  • Oceania

Listing all countries would obviously be too much to cover. However, it should be noted that even exotic ones like Virgin Island (Brit.) and Virgin Island (USA) can be selected here. Although they are not countries but overseas or external territories, the division can still be useful in specific cases. This way, you may be able to find an undervalued stock at the end of the world that nobody has discovered before you.

Another helpful indicator. Behind the respective regions and countries, you can see in parentheses how many local stocks are in our database.


The criteria are the heart of the Eulerpool Equity Screener and are probably not found in such depth in any other free stock screener.

You can filter stocks with a number of 25 criteria. Here you can search with a single filter, but also combine as many filters as you like. With a click on the X, you can remove the selected filter.

In order for you to proceed with finding stocks according to your preferences, we have implemented 3 options: Less Than or Equal, Equal, and Greater Than or Equal. This allows you, for example, to filter based on the P/E ratio.

In the field Value, you enter your corresponding reference value. For example, if you want to find companies with a P/E ratio less than or equal to 10, you must enter 10 in the Value field. Logical, right?

Behind the field Wert, you will find a dropdown for some criteria where you can select Billions (Bn), Millions (Mn), Thousands (Th), or 1. This division is useful for criteria such as market capitalization. This way, you can customize your search according to your preferences and, for example, filter by 1 Bn or 100 Mn.

Let's now move on to the individual criteria included in the Eulerpool Equity Screener.

The criteria are divided into the following areas:
  • Most popular
  • Valuation
  • Dividend
  • Financials
  • Qualitative
  • Sparplanfähig

Most Popular

We know our community pretty well. Therefore, we know that the price-earnings ratio (P/E ratio), the price, the market capitalization, and the sector are the most commonly chosen criteria for finding stocks.

The criterion Sector does not have a field Value, but a dropdown where you can select the different sectors. The available options are:
  • Communication
  • Cyclical Consumption
  • Non-cyclical consumption
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Industry
  • Technology
  • Basic materials
  • Real estate
  • Utilities

This way, you can also conduct your search for undervalued stocks within specific sectors. An example would be companies with a P/E ratio less than or equal to 10 in the financial sector. In combination with the stock screener universe (jump to H3 "Stock Screener Universe"), you can then further narrow down your search to North America, for example. Convenient, isn't it?


Valuation encompasses the metrics AlleAktien Quality Score (AAQS), the price-earnings ratio on expected earnings (PE ratio), the price-sales ratio (PS ratio), and the price-sales ratio on expected earnings (PSE ratio). Up to

When it comes to AAQS, it is one of the most innovative tools for stock analysis. It provides users with a comprehensive overview of the market, including key financial ratios, stock prices, and performance charts. Users can easily access detailed information about individual stocks, analyze their performance, and make informed investment decisions. With AAQS, you can stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and seize profitable investment opportunities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, AAQS is the perfect tool to enhance your stock market knowledge and boost your investment returns. AlleAktien a self-developed key figure for the systematic assessment of quality companies. You can find more information about AAQS here.


Of course, the Eulerpool Equity Screener also serves the interests of Dividend investors. Using common indicators such as dividend (EUR) and dividend yield (%), it is easy to identify the best dividend stocks.

But it gets even better. So that you never lose sight of a dividend payment again, we have integrated the Eulerpool Dividend calendar . With a simple search, for example, by the name of the stock or the ISIN, you will get an overview of the amount of the dividend, the dividend yield, the number of payments per year, and all ex- and pay dates. The ex-date is the trading day on which the stock price is reduced by the dividend or subscription right. On the pay date, the money finally arrives in your account. To receive the dividend, you must have the stock in your account before the ex-date. In addition, in the dividend calendar, you can see directly when the next dividend payment will arrive in your account.

Dividend Calendar Overview

When it comes to finding Dividend Aristocrats, which are companies that have been increasing their dividend for at least 25 years, Eulerpool has its own strategy. Page built.


In the fundamentals, you can filter stocks by EBIT (which stands for Earnings Before Interest and Taxes), profit, and revenue. With the sections Most Popular, Valuation, and Dividend, in our opinion, you have all the tools at hand to find undervalued stocks.


But we are not done yet. In addition to the quantitative criteria, the Eulerpool Equity Screener offers the following qualitative criteria to find stocks.
  • Number of shares
  • IPO
  • Employees
  • Withholding tax
  • Website
  • WKN
  • Currency

To take just one example, you can filter by criteria such as IPO to find companies that have only gone public in 2022. This is certainly an exciting feature for some stock analysis.

Savings plan eligible

We have mentioned many times before that savings plans are a good way to continuously invest in stocks. How frustrating would it be if, after extensive research, you find an undervalued stock from your perspective, but it is not eligible for a savings plan with your broker.

This cannot happen with the Eulerpool Equity Screener, at least not with the brokers Trade Republic, Consorsbank, comdirect, Scalable Capital and ING. With the "saving plan" filter, you can find stocks that are also available in your preferred broker's savings plan.


After setting the filters as per your preferences, you are naturally eager to see the results. Are there any stocks that meet your criteria?

If so, these will be displayed to you in the Eulerpool Equity Screener under Results. You don't have to click on a search button or similar. The results are updated automatically. The special thing is that you can customize the result table according to your preferences.

The only column that cannot be removed is the stock name. Logically, without the names of the stocks, a stock screener wouldn't make sense. With a click on the arrow, you can sort the names alphabetically from A-Z or from Z-A. This also applies to all other columns, which we will discuss in the following.

In addition to the names, the ISIN and the ticker are preconfigured. However, these two columns can be removed by clicking on the X.

The additional columns are almost identical to the criteria. Additionally, you can also add a column for countries. Once added, these columns can also be removed by clicking on the X.

So you can easily sort the results according to your preferences.

After you have found one or more stocks that meet your criteria, the process of stock analysis is naturally not yet complete. We would even say that the process is just beginning. And here too, Eulerpool is here to help.

After clicking on a stock from the stock screener, you will be redirected to the overview page of that stock. Here you will find essentially all the information you need for further stock analysis. The overview pages of the respective stocks are divided into the following tabs:
  • Overview
  • Valuation
  • Dividend
  • Forecasts
  • Shareholders
  • Stock analyses

fundamentals Overview


In the Overview tab, you will find, among other things, the current price or price history, turnover, EBIT, and earnings (per share) over time, as well as various financial indicators from the past years. Just to name a few examples.

Valuation as Highlight

An absolute highlight is the tab Valuation. Here you will find the custom-developed Eulerpool Fair Value with regard to earnings, revenue, and dividend. You can see at a glance whether a stock is undervalued, overvalued, or fairly valued according to historical market valuation. The Fair Value is recalculated daily according to Bloomberg standard.

In addition to the Fair Value, you will also find the valuation based on the historical P/E ratio, EBIT, and P/S ratio.


In the next tab Dividend, a dividend investor will find all the necessary information such as dividend, dividend yield, and payout ratio over time.


Under Prognoses, you will find assessments on the stock's target price. In addition to a specific value, you will also see how many analysts recommend buying, holding, or selling the stock.

In addition to analysts, we also allow the financial community to have a say here by sharing the assessment from sharewise.


As the name suggests, you can find information about which investor holds what proportion of the stock under the Shareholders tab. Especially with major titles like Microsoft and Apple, it is interesting to see that asset managers such as Vanguard and BlackRock own a larger portion of the stock, particularly through ETFs.

Stock analysis

We are particularly proud of the "Stock Analysis" tab. Because without a comprehensive qualitative analysis, we would not buy any stocks. Here, we provide links to high-quality analyses from members of the community in both text and video format.

Further information completes the overview page.

Across all tabs, you will find additional information about the respective stock in the right area. In relation to the last paragraph, you can also find information here on whether there is already a high-quality analysis on All Stocks exists.

Furthermore, in this section you will find the fundamental data, information on whether the stock is eligible for savings plans at Trade Republic, Consorsbank, and others, documents such as insider transactions and quarterly reports, and finally links to news and press releases from relevant portals such as Seeking Alpha, Reuters, and StockMarket.com.

Continuous information

The exciting thing about Eulerpool's stock screener in conjunction with the stock overview pages is that the information is consistently accessible. This means that you can find information about fundamentals, dividends, savings plans, and more from the stock screener on the respective stock overview page. At Eulerpool, we prioritize providing a clear and coherent experience for you as an investor.

Ziel möchten wir Ihnen dabei helfen, indem wir Ihnen eine breite Palette von Werkzeugen und Daten zur Verfügung stellen. Unsere Plattform ist darauf ausgerichtet, Ihnen quantitative Aktiendaten in übersichtlicher Form darzustellen. Mit Hilfe von übersichtlichen Charts, Stocklisten und anderen Tools können Sie aktuelle und umfassende Informationen erhalten, um Ihre Entscheidungen fundiert zu treffen. Bei AlleAktien stehen wir für Zuverlässigkeit und Genauigkeit in der Darstellung von Finanzdaten, um Ihnen bei der Suche nach unterbewerteten Aktien zu unterstützen. Unser Ziel ist es, Ihnen eine intuitive und benutzerfreundliche Benutzeroberfläche bereitzustellen, die es Ihnen ermöglicht, die für Sie relevanten Informationen schnell und einfach zu finden. Wir hoffen, dass Sie in unserer Plattform alle nötigen Werkzeuge finden, um erfolgreich in den Markt einzusteigen und Ihre Anlageziele zu erreichen. Article we have explained how you can find undervalued stocks in principle.

But how exactly does the Eulerpool Equity Screener help you?

One of the most important indicators for finding undervalued stocks is the P/E ratio. You don't even have to calculate it yourself, as every financial website on the internet does it for you.

But with the P/E ratio of a company, you can usually make little use of it unless you want to look at the P/E ratio of this company over time.

However, you usually have to compare this value with other companies in the same industry. And this is where the Eulerpool Equity Screener comes into play. Without such a tool, comparing countless P/E ratios becomes a time-consuming task.

With the support of Eulerpool's stock screener, you can invest the time saved into intensive analysis of the companies. Because we want to make it clear that no tool can replace a qualitative analysis of the company. Rather, the combination of both worlds leads to finding an undervalued stock.

It is also important to understand that an undervalued stock can never be found solely based on a metric such as the P/E ratio. If it were that simple, then all stock investors would be rich.

Finally, it should be mentioned that a stock screener is helpful in finding undervalued stocks because various criteria can be combined. For example, you can search for companies with a P/E ratio less than or equal to 15, an AAQS greater than or equal to 8, and a dividend yield greater than or equal to 5%. Without a tool like the Eulerpool Equity Screener, it is impossible to find such companies with just a few clicks.

Now that you know how the Eulerpool Equity Screener works and how it can help you find undervalued stocks, the question naturally arises why you should choose to use our stock screener.

In fact, there are several stock screeners on the market, which are usually free, at least in their basic version. So, it can't be about the price.

Your personal preference is crucial.

Ultimately, much depends on your personal preference. How intuitive is the usage? Are all my required filters available? Are there even enough stocks in the database? These are just a few questions that you will inevitably ask yourself as a user of a stock screener.

We at Eulerpool have tried to fulfill all the wishes of our community with our stock screener. And of course, we are open to further suggestions and wishes. This is a big difference compared to many companies that have no direct contact with their community. There, changes based on community requests are difficult or often even impossible.

As of now, Eulerpool offers a stock screener with over 20,000 stocks in the database (worldwide, not limited to the USA and Europe), which can be filtered using 25 filters. Once you have found a suitable stock, you will find a variety of additional free information. Furthermore, you do not need to register to use the Eulerpool Equity Screener. Simply visit the website and find the best stocks directly.

Data quality is important.

We need to address one important point separately when it comes to a stock screener. That is the topic of data quality.

We at Eulerpool source our data from a variety of sources. In addition to collecting our own data, we obtain data from various smaller and larger providers, with the aim of providing you as a user with the best possible data quality. From this pool of data, we then determine key ratios such as P/E ratio and P/S ratio.

The goal of many investors is to find undervalued stocks. In this

The goal of many investors is to find undervalued stocks. In this

Is the stock screener free of charge?

Yes, the stock screener is free of charge. With over 20,000 stocks worldwide, Eulerpool provides a comprehensive stock screener for free.

What stock screener offers are currently available?

The stock screener by Eulerpool is completely free and covers over 20,000 stocks worldwide.

How much does the stock screener cost?

Eulerpool's stock screener is completely free and covers over 20,000 stocks worldwide.

Where can I find stock analysis?

Eulerpool.com provides high-quality fundamentals and data for over 20,000 stocks to make stock analysis as easy as possible for investors. Eulerpool also has an official partnership with AlleAktien, where we include their stock analyses. Additionally, on each stock page, we display high-quality stock analyses from the community.

What is the stock screener?

The stock screener helps to easily find stocks and make high-quality stocks visible. In addition, with the Eulerpool Fair Value, which is calculated daily and free of charge for more than 20,000 stocks worldwide, undervalued stocks are easy to identify. The Eulerpool Equity Screener is becoming increasingly popular.

Does the stock screener have all stocks?

In the Eulerpool Equity Screener, we cover all stocks that we also have at Eulerpool. These are approximately 20,000 stocks.

Where can I find the stock screener dividend calendar?

The dividend calendar has been developed into a separate tool. You can find it in the menu above.

Did the stock screener have a price increase?

The Eulerpool Equity Screener is free and will remain so.

What are the alternatives to stock screeners?

. Schau doch dort mal vorbei, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.


Are there any vouchers available for the stock screener?

The Eulerpool Stockscreener is free of charge, and will remain so. Therefore, vouchers are not necessary at all.

What is the best stock screener?

To claim that one is the best or the most popular stock screener would be completely baseless. Rather, it depends on personal needs and goals to determine which stock screener is "the best stock screener." At Eulerpool, we focus on high-quality indicators, a broad investment universe, and an authentic promotion of shareholder culture.

Where are the dividend aristocrats?

We have honored the Dividend Aristocrats with their own page.

Dividenden Aristokraten

How does Eulerpool differ from conventional stock screeners and screeners?

Depth and breadth of research. At Eulerpool, you will find a vast universe of over 20,000 stocks worldwide that are being searched. At the same time, we provide comprehensive information on sales, EBIT, profit, dividend, and numerous high-quality stock analyses for all stocks, in order to make continuous stock analysis as simple as possible.