Sources of information that we highly appreciate

At Eulerpool, we rely on independent, professional and authentic sources of information. Hundreds of thousands of private investors trust Eulerpool Research Systems with their investment decisions. Among them are renowned asset managers, investment bankers and advisors. We list some of the sources of information that we ourselves value highly here.

  • You can find more financial knowledge and many other German finance blogs at Don't miss any more info on shares, ETFs, real estate and crypto. A great contribution to the German shareholder culture.
  • The 3-minute newsletter with fresh investment ideas for your return-fulfilled start to the day.
  • With the myDividends24 Dividend App you can access the latest dividend data of over 3000 stocks from the most important indices such as DAX, S&P 500, Dow Jones and many more.
  • We want to promote long-term asset accumulation with shares in Germany. With high-quality stock analyses and important education on relevant financial topics in Germany.
  • Frank Helmes has worked as a speaker for the financial portal Onvista and Traders' Magazine, among others. He is also known as the founder of the Facebook community Aktien-Club Facebook, through lectures at Focus Finanztag, stock exchange fairs Invest and World of Trading as well as articles in Traders' Magazin.
  • Lisa from Aktiengram shares her journey as a dividend investor on her blog. Her blog is about Stocks, ETFs, Dividends and personal finances.
  • Kolja Barghoorn inspires with his YouTube channel "AktienMitKopf" several times a week with high-quality stock analyses and highly topical content on how one should currently set up his portfolio.
  • Tim Schäfer is a veteran of German shareholder culture whom we greatly appreciate for his valuable pioneering work and whose blog posts we enjoy reading.
  • Christian W. Röhl is an entrepreneur, author and investor. With a lot of stock market experience and a deep insight into the intricacies of the business models of numerous companies, his podcasts and YouTube videos are equally entertaining and educational for private investors.
  • Always keep an eye on your assets. Manage all your crypto holdings in a single place, regardless of where you hold your assets.
  • Financial literacy is a basic right! Exercise it... - Money heroes
  • Stock analysis, investment strategies for long-term investors and my personal stock buys - you'll find it all at Stocks for Everyone!
  • The stock blog for long-term investors.
  • AlleAktien stands for Germany's best stock analyses according to its mission. AlleAktien publishes particularly in-depth and high-quality stock analyses, often based on research work lasting several weeks. AlleAktien was founded by the former McKinsey&Company management consultant Michael C. Jakob.