Eulerpool Experience & Testimonials

Within a very short time, has advanced to become one of the most popular and renowned financial websites in Germany. Institutional and private investors alike appreciate the outstanding data quality and the professional tools for stock analysis.

Eulerpool Experience & Testimonials

What is Eulerpool Research Systems? makes it easier to find and analyze quality stocks. Eulerpool was launched in 2022 and has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for retail and institutional investors, such as asset managers and fund managers. As of April 2023, nearly half a million investors trust

For more than 15,000 shares, ETFs and funds, the reliable key figures, outstanding stock analyses, analyst recommendations, forecasts, dividend ratios and the Eulerpool Fair Value.

In addition, Eulerpool investors enjoy a very broad and deep range of professional analysis tools, such as the popular Share finder , dem Community stock analysis directory or the Tracker of insider purchases .

The following testimonials and references are a small selection from the financial community that regularly use Eulerpool.

Unsere Mission

Making wealth creation with shares easy. At the beginning, private investors are often confronted with a huge flood of data, key figures and shares, where it is easy to lose the overview. We founded Eulerpool to make it easy to build up wealth with shares.

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What our customers say about us

Eulerpool is a very useful tool that saves me a lot of time in gathering financial information. I can get all the information quickly and easily and then use it to support my investment decisions.

Great site. The input you get there is just insane. You can tell that the guys know what they're doing. For laymen also absolutely understandable.

I am thrilled. Here is everything you need as a long-term and rational investor, clearly summarized

Great metrics for our in-house stock analysis. Fair value on tens of thousands of stocks, P/E ratios, margins, dividends. Exactly what we were looking for, and significantly cheaper than FactSet or Reuters.

Eulerpool is a great choice for companies that want quick and easy access to reliable data. With a wide range of data sources, tools and securities, we can quickly find the exact information we are looking for. In addition, the technical support team is incredibly helpful and responsive.

The platform offers high quality data in a well and structured form. A site that looks for its equal!

Great key figures, simply presented. What more could a stock analyst ask for? The best stock finder on the market when you compare the number and quality of metrics.

Best tool for own stock analysis with super graphics for a quick overview and super data base.

Unbelievable how many possibilities there are here. Virtually an Internet for stock valuations! Keep it up☺️🚀

Wonderful tool! Really great what the team has created there! I am thrilled with the FairValue!!!

Finally! A modern and dynamic data provider with great data. From now on only Eulerpool!

Finally an ad-free site with good information about stocks and all key figures. TOP

Super customer service and structurally very well prepared!

Very good! Can already almost replace Reuters for me

Is still quite fresh the page, but I am now already brightauf from the functions, the structure and the creativity / innovation enthusiastic. (Keyword fair value value...) MEGA GOOD! Will get this in the future my analyses before I put a share to me to help. Great praise to the developers ✌️

The best tool for fundamental analysis of stocks and learning investment strategies! The collection of stock analysis is very helpful and provides the perfect complement to company data. The support is blazing fast and the community is super for sharing ideas among peers. Without question 5/5☆

#1 Datenanbieter. Für die Aktienanalyse sehr zu empfehlen. Ich bin jedes mal wieder überrascht wie gut die Datenqualität und die Darstellung dieser Daten ist. Man merkt einfach, dass hier ein engagiertes Team dahinter steht, welches fast täglich Neuerungen auf die Website bringt und die Nutzererfahrung somit täglich verbessert.

Eulerpool offers me the appropriate and necessary data quickly and clearly for every possible investment case. Due to the regular manual control of the key figures, I like to build up my personal research with and based on Eulerpool. An absolute must for all professional (private) investors.

One of the best tools I have seen over the years. An absolute must-have for both small and large investors. This tool is changing the shareholder culture and the investment decisions of many people based on sound data.

An excellent program that helps an investor excellent to get a first overview of a stock. After the ratio check, a professional and well-founded stock analysis from AA, bring the stock culture in the German-speaking world forward!

We analyze stocks in our bank on a daily basis. Eulerpool Research Systems has the best data on the market and presents it in an easy to understand way. Chapeau! Eulerpool visualizes sales, margins, dividends and hundreds of other key figures. With the Fair Value Chart you can see at first glance how much a stock is undervalued. is the perfect complement to AlleAktien Premium, which I didn't even know I needed.

Absolute recommendation! Do you know the Apple effect? Once you have an IPhone - and all other devices are as complicated as possible to use. Exactly this effect is created by Eulerpool. You intuitively understand how to find the right stocks and/or strategies. Not to forget: The extremely pronounced commitment of the team, which optimizes the platform every day and every night and, above all, also expands it. If it is not yet today, Eulerpool will be the platform of first choice to find and evaluate stocks. And all this is STILL free of charge. So really a change on and for the market. P.S: I am a financial advisor and use Eulerpool professionally as well.

Bloomberg Terminal for private investors. The new design is really cool and structured. I'm curious to see how the startup develops further.

All important key figures at a glance! Plus features like the fair valuation and the dividend calendar - that's all you need to find quality stocks for your portfolio! Keep it up 🚀

In the meantime, the data quality is right and new functions have been added. With the fair value chart a real added value in stock valuation.

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