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If you want to get information about a stock, you need many different perspectives and viewpoints. Opportunities and risks must be clearly highlighted. Creative investment approaches are in demand. And of course: The business model and the industry must be clearly and simply explained. Every stock analyst has a different perspective on the company, focuses on different fundamentals, and develops different insights. This is what makes each additional stock analysis so valuable - and is the motivation behind this directory.

In this directory for high-quality and free stock analysis, we collect stock analyses from the community. In doing so, we also place a strong emphasis on positive, independent, and benevolent interactions within the community, which have often been lacking in the past.

High-quality stock analyses

We focus on quality instead of quantity. Only free stock analyses that are highly rated by the community make it into the directory. We value a professional analysis approach, high-quality scientific work, and creative ideas in research. We are also open to alternative data and unconventional ideas or contrarian strategies. In short, we try to focus on Eulerpool to provide only the most valuable stock analyses from the community.

Honest perspectives from authentic analysts

All stock analyses from the community are free of charge and written by independent analysts. Before being included in the directory, each analysis is checked for basic consistency and correctness to maintain the platform's excellent quality. The free stock analyses are created in text form, as videos, or as podcasts and linked on Eulerpool.

We value an independent platform for stock analysis: We do not dictate authors which tools they must use, what they are allowed to write, and with whom they can collaborate - thereby setting a new standard for an independent analysis platform in Germany. In response to numerous requests from financial bloggers, we have now decided to create this directory for free stock analysis. In short: Our focus is on building a positive, healthy community that pursues a common goal: strengthening shareholder culture. Everyone is welcome.

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With registration in the Eulerpool directory of high-quality stock analyses, your research is made available to more than 600,000 users.

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