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In 2024, Novartis's equity was 46.67 B USD, a -21.36% increase from the 59.34 B USD equity in the previous year.

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What does Novartis do?

Novartis AG is a globally active company operating in the pharmaceutical, ophthalmology, and generics manufacturing sectors. The company, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, was founded in 1996 and originated from a merger between Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Novartis AG is now a leading company worldwide in the research, development, production, and marketing of pharmaceuticals and other health products. Novartis ist eines der beliebtesten Unternehmen auf

Equity Details

Analyzing Novartis's Equity

Novartis's equity represents the ownership interest in the company, calculated as the difference between total assets and total liabilities. It reflects the residual claim by shareholders on the company’s assets after all debts have been paid. Understanding Novartis's equity is essential for assessing its financial health, stability, and value to shareholders.

Year-to-Year Comparison

Evaluating Novartis's equity over successive years offers insights into the company's growth, profitability, and capital structure. Increasing equity indicates an enhancement in net assets and financial health, while decreasing equity could point to rising debts or operational challenges.

Impact on Investments

Novartis's equity is a crucial element for investors, influencing the company's leverage, risk profile, and return on equity (ROE). Higher equity levels generally suggest lower risk and enhanced financial stability, making the company a potentially attractive investment opportunity.

Interpreting Equity Fluctuations

Fluctuations in Novartis’s equity can arise from various factors, including changes in net income, dividend payments, and issuance or buyback of shares. Investors analyze these shifts to gauge the company's financial performance, operational efficiency, and strategic financial management.

Frequently Asked Questions about Novartis Stock

What is the equity of Novartis this year?

Novartis has equity of 46.67 B USD this year.

What was the equity of Novartis compared to the previous year?

The equity of Novartis has increased/decreased by -21.36% decreased compared to the previous year.

What impact does a high equity have on investors of Novartis?

A high equity is advantageous for investors of Novartis as it is an indicator of the company's financial stability and its ability to manage risks and challenges.

What impact does low equity have on investors of Novartis?

A low equity can be a risk for investors of Novartis, as it can put the company in a weaker financial position and impair its ability to manage risks and challenges.

How does an increase in equity of Novartis affect the company?

An increase in equity of Novartis can strengthen the company's financial position and improve its ability to make investments in the future.

How does a reduction in the equity of Novartis affect the company?

A reduction in equity of Novartis can affect the financial situation of the company and lead to a higher dependence on debt capital.

What are some factors that influence the equity of Novartis?

Some factors that can affect the equity of Novartis include profits, dividend payments, capital increases, and acquisitions.

Why is the equity of Novartis so important for investors?

The equity of Novartis is important for investors as it is an indicator of the financial strength of the company and can be an indication of how well the company is able to fulfill its financial obligations.

What strategic measures can Novartis take to change the equity?

To change equity, Novartis can take various measures such as increasing profits, conducting capital increases, reducing expenses, and acquiring companies. It is important for the company to perform a thorough review of its financial situation to determine the best strategic actions to modify its equity.

How much dividend does Novartis pay?

Over the past 12 months, Novartis paid a dividend of 3.2 USD . This corresponds to a dividend yield of about 3 %. For the coming 12 months, Novartis is expected to pay a dividend of 3.28 USD.

What is the dividend yield of Novartis?

The current dividend yield of Novartis is 3 %.

When does Novartis pay dividends?

Novartis pays a quarterly dividend. This is distributed in the months of April, April, April, April.

How secure is the dividend of Novartis?

Novartis paid dividends every year for the past 26 years.

What is the dividend of Novartis?

For the upcoming 12 months, dividends amounting to 3.28 USD are expected. This corresponds to a dividend yield of 3.08 %.

In which sector is Novartis located?

Novartis is assigned to the 'Health' sector.

Wann musste ich die Aktien von Novartis kaufen, um die vorherige Dividende zu erhalten?

To receive the latest dividend of Novartis from 3/11/2024 amounting to 3.3 USD, you needed to have the stock in your portfolio before the ex-date on 3/7/2024.

When did Novartis pay the last dividend?

The last dividend was paid out on 3/11/2024.

What was the dividend of Novartis in the year 2023?

In the year 2023, Novartis distributed 3.1 USD as dividends.

In which currency does Novartis pay out the dividend?

The dividends of Novartis are distributed in USD.

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