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In 2024, AIA Group's total debt was 640 USD, a -79.91% change from the 3,186 USD total debt recorded in the previous year.

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What does AIA Group do?

The AIA Group Ltd, also known as American International Assurance, is an internationally operating insurance company that has been active in Asia since 1919. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates in 18 different countries. The company divides its business into three segments: Asia, Australasia, and Oceania. Overall, the company employs over 22,000 employees and serves millions of customers. AIA offers insurance solutions for various areas of life, with a focus on retirement and pension funds. The company aims to provide customers with financial solutions for building wealth in old age and assists with retirement financial planning. AIA strives to offer innovative and customer-oriented products to meet individual customer needs. The company recognizes the changing trends and challenges in the markets it operates in and is committed to fulfilling the growing needs of its customers. AIA's various segments serve to structure the business geographically and product-wise. The Asia segment includes the company's key markets, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. The Australasia segment includes Australia and New Zealand, while the Oceania segment includes the Philippines and Vietnam. Another important segment of AIA is the Group Corporate Solutions, which offers special insurance solutions for companies and their employees. AIA offers a variety of products tailored to meet the different needs of customers. In the health sector, AIA provides solutions for medical emergencies and chronic illnesses, as well as special offers for women and parents of newborns. In the life insurance sector, AIA's offerings include whole life insurance, term life insurance, annuities, and medical insurance that provide comprehensive financial protection. In the accident insurance sector, AIA offers a variety of solutions such as disability insurance, disability insurance, and travel insurance. In the wealth sector, AIA offers various investment options, such as equity and bond funds, that provide financial protection and help build wealth. Overall, AIA Group Ltd is considered a leading insurance provider in Asia and Australasia. The company values strong customer orientation and has focused on offering innovative products and services in recent years. AIA relies on a growing network of advisors and a high level of digital offerings to provide its customers with optimal support and service quality. AIA Group ist eines der beliebtesten Unternehmen auf

Debt Details

Understanding AIA Group's Debt Structure

AIA Group's total debt refers to the cumulative financial obligations the company owes to external parties. This can include short-term and long-term borrowings, bonds, loans, and other financial instruments. Assessing the company's debt levels is crucial for evaluating its financial health, risk profile, and ability to fund operations and expansions.

Year-to-Year Comparison

Analyzing AIA Group's debt structure over the years provides insights into the firm’s financial strategy and stability. A reduction in debt can indicate financial strength and operational efficiency, while an increase may signal growth investments or potential financial challenges ahead.

Impact on Investments

Investors pay close attention to AIA Group’s debt levels as they can influence the company’s risk and return profiles. Excessive debt can lead to financial strain, while moderate and well-managed debt can be a catalyst for growth and expansion, making it a critical aspect of investment evaluations.

Interpreting Debt Fluctuations

Shifts in AIA Group’s debt levels can be attributed to various operational and strategic factors. An increase in debt might be geared towards funding expansion projects or enhancing operational capacity, while a decrease may indicate profit realizations or an approach to minimize financial risk and leverage.

Frequently Asked Questions about AIA Group Stock

What is the debt of AIA Group this year?

AIA Group has a debt level of 640 USD this year.

What was the debt of AIA Group compared to the previous year?

The debt of AIA Group has increased by -79.91% compared to the previous year dropped.

What are the consequences of high debt for investors in AIA Group?

High debt can pose a risk for investors of AIA Group, as it can weaken the company's financial position and hinder its ability to fulfill its obligations.

What are the consequences of low debt for investors of AIA Group?

Low debt means that AIA Group has a strong financial position and is able to fulfill its obligations without overburdening its finances.

How does an increase in debt from AIA Group affect the company?

An increase in debt of AIA Group can adversely affect the financial condition of the company and result in a higher burden on its finances.

How does a reduction of debt of AIA Group affect the company?

A reduction in debt of AIA Group can strengthen the company's financial position and improve its ability to meet its financial obligations.

What are some factors that influence the debt of AIA Group?

Some factors that can influence the debt of AIA Group include investments, acquisitions, operating costs, and revenue development.

Why are the debts of AIA Group so important for investors?

The debts of AIA Group are important for investors as they serve as an indicator of the company's financial stability. It provides investors with information on how the company fulfills its financial obligations.

What strategic measures can AIA Group take to change the debt?

To change the debt, AIA Group can take measures such as cost savings, increasing revenue, selling assets, making investments, or forming partnerships. It is important for the company to conduct a thorough review of its financial situation to determine the best strategic actions to change its debt.

How much dividend does AIA Group pay?

Over the past 12 months, AIA Group paid a dividend of 1.98 USD . This corresponds to a dividend yield of about 28 %. For the coming 12 months, AIA Group is expected to pay a dividend of 1.43 USD.

What is the dividend yield of AIA Group?

The current dividend yield of AIA Group is 28 %.

When does AIA Group pay dividends?

AIA Group pays a quarterly dividend. This is distributed in the months of June, October, October, June.

How secure is the dividend of AIA Group?

AIA Group paid dividends every year for the past 17 years.

What is the dividend of AIA Group?

For the upcoming 12 months, dividends amounting to 1.43 USD are expected. This corresponds to a dividend yield of 20.24 %.

In which sector is AIA Group located?

AIA Group is assigned to the 'Finance' sector.

Wann musste ich die Aktien von AIA Group kaufen, um die vorherige Dividende zu erhalten?

To receive the latest dividend of AIA Group from 6/14/2024 amounting to 1.191 USD, you needed to have the stock in your portfolio before the ex-date on 5/29/2024.

When did AIA Group pay the last dividend?

The last dividend was paid out on 6/14/2024.

What was the dividend of AIA Group in the year 2023?

In the year 2023, AIA Group distributed 1.483 USD as dividends.

In which currency does AIA Group pay out the dividend?

The dividends of AIA Group are distributed in USD.

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