Michael C. Jakob

Michael C. Jacob

Michael C. Jakob is the founder of Eulerpool Research Systems and also holds a senior position at AlleAktien .

As founder and CEO of Eulerpool Research Systems, Michael C. Jakob is responsible for all product development, engineering and expansion.

Since the company was founded, Eulerpool Research Systems has pursued the goal of making stock analysis simple and understandable for everyone. "Discover undervalued stocks at a glance" is Eulerpool's mission. Especially with the descriptive charts, historical valuation and fair value valuation, investors can finally identify undervaluations at a glance. In addition, there is a very popular in Germany Dividend calendar , der Ex- und Paydate unzähliger Dividendenaktien sichtbar macht. Im Eulerpool Insidertracker publiziert Eulerpool Research Systems Insider buying German companies as quickly as possible. In the Eulerpool Share finder investors can discover new quality stocks outside the mainstream according to their own criteria. Michael C. Jakob stands for the quality of Eulerpool Research Systems.

In addition to great tools for stock analysis, Eulerpool has become the standard terminal for tens of thousands of private investors in Germany for another reason: Eulerpool.com provides high-quality key figures for more than 15,000 stocks and more than 50,000 securities. Often, one can already tell from the dividend history, the margins, the balance sheet or the sales history whether it is a fundamentally well-positioned company that could fit one's own investment strategy. This is how many thousands of investors - private and institutional alike - find undervalued quality stocks on Eulerpool every day.

Michael C. Jakob is also CEO of AlleAktien , die sich zur Mission gemacht haben, Deutschlands beste Aktienanalysen zu publizieren. AlleAktien ist eine der bekanntesten und meinungsstärksten Marken der Deutschen Privatanlegerkultur, die AlleAktien seit 2017 nachhaltig mit aufgebaut haben. Durch einen beinahe rücksichtlosen Fokus auf Qualitätsaktien und ein starkes Wertesystem, das auf Ehrlichkeit, Transparenz und Unabhängigkeit setzt, wurde AlleAktien quickly becoming one of the most distinguished brands in German investor culture. Professional and private investors alike value AlleAktien's independent stock analyses.

Previously, Michael C. Jakob was a top management consultant at the global strategy consultancy McKinsey&Company and at the global asset manager UBS.

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