Germany's largest directory for free stock analysis

Eulerpool maintains Germany's large directory of free, high-quality equity research. All equity research is curated by quality. The Eulerpool directory is valued by many investors for its independence and professionalism, and is growing in popularity.

Germany's largest directory for free stock analysis

More knowledge leads to better decisions

If you want to find out about a stock, you need many different perspectives and angles. Opportunities and risks must emerge clearly. Creative investment approaches are required. And of course: the business model and the industry must be explained clearly and simply. Every stock analyst has a different perspective on the company, attaches importance to different key figures and develops different insights. That's what makes each additional stock analysis so valuable - and is the motivation behind this directory.

In this directory for high-quality and free stock analyses, we collect stock analyses from the community. We also focus on a positive, independent and benevolent interaction within the community, which has often been lacking in the past.

High quality stock analysis

We focus on quality instead of quantity. Only free stock analyses that are rated as particularly good by the community make it into the directory. We attach importance to a professional analysis approach, high-quality scientific work and creative ideas in research. We are also happy to use alternative data and unconventional ideas or anti-cyclical strategies. In short: We try to focus on Eulerpool to provide only the most readable stock analyses from the community.

Honest perspectives from authentic analysts

All stock analyses from the community are free of charge and are written by independent analysts. Before being included in the directory, each analysis is checked for fundamental consistency and correctness in order to keep the quality of the platform at an excellent level. The free equity analyses are produced in text form, as a video or as a podcast and linked at Eulerpool.

In doing so, we emphasize an independent platform for stock analysis: We do not dictate to authors which tools they have to use, what they are allowed to write, and with whom they are allowed to collaborate - thus setting a new standard for an independent analysis platform in Germany. At the request of many financial bloggers, we have now decided to create this directory for free stock analyses. In short: We are all about building a positive, healthy community with a common goal: Strengthen shareholder culture. Everyone is welcome to join.

Eulerpool is ingenious. All data is finally free of charge and now also all the free stock analyses. It's simply unbelievable what you're putting out there again for free!Eulerpool Premium Member

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With several million page views Eulerpool is Germany's popular directory of high-quality and free stock analyses.

Kostenlose Eulerpool Tools. Eulerpool disrupts small and large parts of the German financial scene by providing for the first time all key figures, the fair value valuation, the dividend calendar and thousands of professional and scientific stock analyses free of charge. Eulerpool thus became the first point of contact for more than 400,000 private investors in Germany (per month) in 2022. With an inclusion in the Eulerpool directory of free equity research, you also receive a free license to embed data from Eulerpool on your own websites and equity research.


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