Dividend Calendar 2023

Passive income with dividends: with dividend calendar 2023 you can plan your dividends for the whole year. Dividends every month. With ex-date (entitlement arises) and pay-date (dividend is paid).

Dividend Calendar 2023

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Scheduled Dividends

In Germany's popular Dividend Calendar 2022, we present dividend, dividend yield, ex-date and pay-date for the 2,000 popular dividend stocks. A clear and simple presentation of when we as dividend investors will receive our next payout - a "must" for every ambitious dividend investor. The dividend calendar makes dividends predictable. A popular strategy is: collect dividends every month. Like a landlord.



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The dividend calendar with payout ratio

Even more important than a predictable and constantly rising dividend is the question: how sustainably is the dividend financed? The dividend calendar dynamically shows the payout ratio year by year. The payout ratio defines what percentage of free earnings the company pays out as a dividend. Healthy dividend stocks pay out between 25% and 75% of earnings as dividends. If it's less than 25%, you often have too low a dividend yield. With more than 75% paid out in profits, it is questionable what would happen if profits collapsed more than 25% during a crisis. Then the company would have to pay out more in dividends than it generates in profits - a strategy that is not sustainable in the long term.

The dividend calendar with ex-date and pay-date

The Eulerpool dividend calendar shows for more than 6,000 stocks in which month the dividends will arrive. The ex-date indicates by which date one must have the share in the securities account in order to be entitled to the upcoming dividend. The pay date indicates when the dividend arrives in the broker's clearing account. We dividend investors love the stream of continuously gushing dividends. If you receive a decent dividend every month, you can make a living out of it - or see the whole thing as a self-created "unconditional basic income".

Ex-Date. Anyone who purchases a share before this date will receive the dividend. Anyone who acquires shares after that date must wait until the next dividend payment.

Pay Date. The day on which the dividend is actually paid to the shareholders. In the next few days, the dividend arrives at the broker.

The dividend calendar with correct cadence: dividend per year, half-year, quarter and month

Every country and every company has its own dividend policy: investors receive payments either per year, per half-year, per quarter or per month. The icing on the cake is a special dividend when things are going particularly well. We have also included these in the Eulerpool dividend calendar.

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